Food and drinks

The city offers a wide diversity of bars, restaurants and lunchrooms. All year round, the city squares are full of welcoming terraces and often there is also live music. The most popular squares are the Hof, the Lieve Vrouwekerkhof and the Groenmarkt. When dining out in the evening you can choose from a wide range of culinary establishments: from renowned (starred) restaurants to cosy eateries. 

We can imagine you being hungry after a long day of discussing world problems and making acquaintance to many new people, so we have lined up our favourite dinner-spots to make choosing a little bit easier. 

Wereldrestaurant (worldrestaurant) Dara

Dara is housed in an unique fairytale castle near the historical citygate of Amersfoort. It has a contemporary oriental touch, which it is famous for in Amersfoort and its surroundings. On the menu you will find a variety of known and unknown dishes from South-Europe, the Middle East and Asia. To read more go to its site

De Pastinaeck

Restaurant “De Pastinaeck” is based in the centre of Amersfoort and serves Dutch, season-bound dishes. They often use forgotten vegetables, such as parsnip or salsify, in their remarkable dishes. The cozy atmosphere and the amazing food will guarantee you an amazing experience!

Find out more about De Pastinaeck on their site:

Ristorante La Scala

La Scala is named after the ancient staircase (La Scala) in the middle of the restaurant, that once belonged to the Royal Family in Soestdijk Palace. The restaurant is owned by Tosca, whose paintings decorate the restaurant. They have three spaces, each with its own atmosphere.

In the orangery you find yourself on the side of the Krommestraat (“the nicest street in Amersfoort”). This is a bright, colorful space with a glass rooftop. Truly Italian. All year long, you can feel as if you’re wining and dining outside on the terrace. The restaurant is on the side of the beautiful main square ‘t Hof. Dark colors, paintings and classic Italian furniture give the room a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Find out more about La Scala on their website:

Corazon Coffee

Corazon Coffee is a small and cosy coffee-house. If you are a true sweet-lover, Corazon is where you should be. Their menu provides a wide range of different pies and sweets, but also sandwiches, smoothies and fresh juices. You can also decide to have a high-tea, with lots of small bites. They offer all different kinds of coffee and tea, also having their own 'tea-bar'.  They are open until 6 p.m. 

Krommestraat 18

3811 CC Amersfoort
+31 33 465 6844