On February 14th 2015, the first annual JVOMUN was held at the Stedelijk Gymnasium Johan van Oldenbarnevelt. With approximately eighty delegates, this day was a huge success. JVOMUN continues to grow, with almost doubling their amount of delegates every year. It is safe to say that everyone left with a feeling of satisfaction, it being an amazing day for all the delegates. Here are some experiences.

Farel college: "On behalf of Farel College (Amersfoort) and all our delegates we'd like to compliment you for the great organisation at JVO. This was a fantastic experience for our students, all of whom are preparing for the 4-day MUN in Stuttgart in April. We were really impressed by the fact that JVO students organised the day themselves and we look forward to participating again next year."

People were really getting into their role...

Jesse: "I have been around in the world of MUN's for a while now, but I was really impressed by this one in particular. The students completely organised JVOMUN themselves. When I found out that they did it without any help coming from outside, I was amazed because everything was so well organised. The facilities were great, the staff was incredibly nice, they had an eye for detail and if you needed help with something, they did not hesitate once to try their best for you. Thank you JVOMUN!!" 

Eliza: "JvOMUN is the only MUN I’ve ever attended to. So I was not familiar with the rules and the customs of a MUN. Thanks to the workshops on those matters, I learnt a lot and I felt comfortable with being a delegate. Representing Australia on different subjects was very interesting. I really enjoyed finding out more about the view my country had on the topics. Throughout the research, I even started to agree with Australia. I also really liked the professionality of the lobbying, when you discuss your resolution with the resolutions of other countries. Just noticing that everybody is speaking English and trying really hard to convince others, is something I found impressive. Fortunately, it was not only professional. JvOMUN was also a great opportunity to meet new people who share interests"

Britt: "I have always been interested in world issues and with this experience you have the opportunity to debate with other students about international questions and problems . Besides by the fact that it was a really fun day, I have improved my debating skills and my ability to look at various problems from different perspectives."

Lysanne: "I had never participated in an MUN before, but after JVOMUN I'm sure that people will be seeing me at a lot more MUN's. I had a great time, meeting all these new people from all over the country and Europe. Whilst being at JVOMUN, I felt really comfortable, even though it was a bit scary in the beginning. I discussed a lot of different topics and really put in a lot of efford. I think JVOMUN is a really professional MUN, even though it is entirely organised by their students. That is an incredible prestation."

Hugo: "If you are a firsttimer, I think JVOMUN could really help you. Several weeks before the event, they are facilitating these workshops in which you get to know the rules of an MUN better. These helped me a lot, because if I didn't attend them, I would have been so lost on the day of JVOMUN itself. I had a lot of fun and I am defenitely participating again next year."

Joost: "During JVOMUN I have improved my English debating skills. It was a very nice day with really nice people. I think what really helped me, was the fact that I felt really comfortable. This makes it way more easy to talk about what you want to say on behalf of your country."

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