This year's committees:

The theme this year will be ethics and development. These are the committees of JVOMUN 2017:

GA2 Economic and Financial Committee

  • Creating a fair tax system for all 

GA4 Special Political and Decolonization Committee

  • The question of the Kurds

Security council

  • The issue of North Korea’s nuclear weapons

Historical Development Committee

  • Declaration on the right to development

European Council

  • Ensuring the EU remains a unity after the Brexit
    Taking control over the Greek Crisis

Human Rights Council

  • Guaranteeing the right of privacy
    Creating an effective system for developmental aid 

This year's chairs:


GA2: Huib van Erp and his deputy: Jordy Ossendrijver

GA4: Wessel Mulder and his deputy: Kim van Vliet

SC: Maartje van Lelyveld and her deputy: Teije Rutgers

HDC: Fons van de Wetering and his deputy: Jessica Bonnema

EC: Ties Wijntjes and his deputy Lucas Meyer

HRC: Jelle van der Ham and his deputies: Hana Mahmoud and Atousa van Beek