We put together a list of sites that might be helpful in preparation of the next JVOMUN: - MUNplanet is the biggest MUN-community. You can find a lot of tips on how to participate and stand out. Most articles are written by experienced MUN’ers. There is also a forum to ask questions. - This website is a huge help when you want to know how to participate in an MUN. They also provide info on what MUN’s to attend. - You can create a mymun account to build up an MUN-portofolio. You can also sign up for a lot of international MUN’s on mymun. - The CIA factbook provides a lot of useful information about every country. - The website of The Hague International MUN is a great research area and provides a lot of useful links to other MUN-websites. - A handy overview on how to do research for an MUN. - You can find all information on the UN on their official website. - Google scholar provides you with only scientific articles and scholary literature. You can find info on certain researches into your topic. The information found on this site is quite complicated, but very reliable.