JVOMUN 2017 is the third annual JVOMUN. It is held in the beautiful city of Amersfoort in the middle of the Netherlands. Each year, the students of the JVO are working very hard to make JVOMUN more educating and fun for every delegate participating. This year, the theme is "Ethics and Development" and it will be held on February the 11th. We would love to see you there!

MUN in general

A Model United Nations conference is a simulation of the real-life United Nations committees. During MUN’s students take on the role of ambassadors representing different countries and NON-Governmental Organizations (NGO) representatives. The idea of participating in such a conference is simple – it allows one to gain insight in the way the world functions also teaching students practical knowledge about international relations, diplomacy and negotiations.

The goal of the debates is to reach a consensus which could be applied in of the real world. To gain as much as possible from the conference, each participant is encouraged to engage actively in the debates. He should be present on every committee session, observe the behaviour of other delegates and focus on representing his country’s policy. The delegates learn to break away from national self-interest and develop international cooperation. This requires engagement in discussions, which eventually lead to the creation of a resolution - a document summarising the work of each committee, which should contain a possible solution on the spoken topic. 

However, participating in an MUN conference will not only drastically improve your knowledge on important matters, but it will also be an opportunity to boost your debating techniques, develop your fluency in the English language and to meet new people. During a Model United Nations conference you will get to know many different people with different opinions, interests and backgrounds. It creates the possibility to learn social skills and even create long-lasting international friendship.
To be fully prepared for JVOMUN 2017 and thrive during the debates, we would like to direct you to the conference guide of JVOMUN 2017 .

In this document you will find everything there is to know about the rules, the staff and other things worth knowing!

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And of course, if you have any questions, you can always contact us by e-mail, and we will try to help you as much as we can.